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January 19, 2009


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Kathi D

I believe someone needs to write a book called "Even the Pepper Costs More Than the Wine"


That looks delicious.

Also, I will never make it.

Because my cooking has been described in much more negative terms than yours. Except maybe for that whole "makes a turd" thing.


As a fellow "just let it sit and mellow on the turned-off stove" cook, I would also horrify your brother. But, darn it, that sauce tastes goooooood when you reheat and eat. I find that a finely chopped carrot is also very nice in such sauce, and adds a bit of sweetness too. This sounds delish and makes me hungry -- despite the fact that I just ate.


We have a similar cooking style and obviously shop at the same stores. Those could be my spices and wine! I always dread when someone asks for a recipe. It's emabarassing to say, I don't really have a recipe, I just throw a bunch of stuff together until it looks, feels and smells right. I always get the odd look, then they ask for the recipe again.
That sauce looks delicious! I wish my family liked chunks, I love my sauce that way.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I see I am late for the cooking demo. Are you done giving out free samples, or can I just dive headfirst into that vat of sauce?

This comment brought to you by my severe and extreme hunger. Curious to Know Moe about that Bigfoot Ale..I am sure there must be a story there.....

Bob Cleveland

I just noticed your 2nd pic ... the one with the seasonings in it. The sauce looks like your outboard motor wouldn't start and you grabbed the lawn mower in its place.


I'll bake whole-clove garlic bread to bring along, if you're inviting...and Irish butter, because I hear that keeps the vampires away as well. Or some thing.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Mental P Mama

Yum! What can I bring?


I have dined in a few MAP(make a poop) kitchens, so it is cool to read this recipe from a MAT kitchen.It is a step up indeed.
Recipe looks goods, judging by my saliva that falls on the screen of laptop.
Nice stuff!



Yea, sugar helps make a balance with the tomatos. Carrot works for this as well, and is great for substituting some of the sugar (in recipes that go the cup or more of sugar route).
I had a whole lecture on this yesterday morning, courtesy of my coworker the former executive chef.

Bob Cleveland

Sounds a lot like my grandma Cleveland's spaghetti sauce, except for the side dishes that seem to have found their way into yours. Even to the bay leaf. And the meat was a couple pounds of pot roast (whatever kind of animal flesh a pot roast is).

Mom would cook it up the day before and then heat it up on the Big Day.

Oh .. if we ever used a recipe around our house that had "a buttload of..." ANYTHING in it, I guarantee you NOBODY would touch it,

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