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January 01, 2009


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I'm sorry, I know I'm missing the point here, but I simply can't take any ad seriously that uses "celebrity's" instead of "celebrities.". It makes me want to barf.

Wait -- maybe THAT's the diet!


At my age of 53, I think the only way to lose weight is to exhaust myself. Walk, walk, walk. I knew a guy once when I was little. He literally walked himself thin. We saw him everywhere. Exercise is the key, I believe. Oh, and everything in moderation too. Easier said than done.


Last year at this time I jumped both-feet-first into www.myfooddiary.com. For something like $8/month, I had access to a nifty website that helped me calculate the calories in every blessed thing that passed my lips... and it also calculated nutritional content, too, so it wasn't all about the calories. Still, I found that obsessively logging and measuring and all of that was my ticket to success and I dropped 20 pounds in 3 months. Also worked out a lot. And it was great until I started actually working a paying job for like 30 hours/week, and something had to give. It was discipline. Still, if you are inclined to this approach, MFD was the most versatile approach like this that I've seen.

This is not a paid advertisement, just an endorsement based on one 40-something mom's experience.

Which reminds me - where is my credit card, I need to sign up again...


I always want to get thin, but I never really want to give anything up - sounds like I'm going to have to try the healthy-eating, much-exercising route. Oh bollocks.

Still, I wish you the very best of dieting luck.

Auds at Barking Mad

I reckon the corn diet is probably the way to go...but I swear, HFCS is so incredibly hard to get away from! It's one ofthe things I loved best about living in Europe...NO damned HFCS!

I seriously need to cut out corn and white stuff or I am headed for gastric bypass.


Personally, I think the Corn Diet is pure genius. I was trying to decide what kind of Sensible Eating Plan to adopt this year, as I have gone all squishy in places I am not happy about. I may adopt the Corn Diet with you. Perhaps we could be mutual support for each other? (But I just want to clarify that there will be ONE exception: the Almond Roca that is hidden under my pillow, being rationed out one per day only to myself. :)

Bob Cleveland

I am on a what's euphemistically called a "low-residue" diet designed to avoid excessive amounts of well you-know-what. Radiation therapy in the abdominal area has unpleasant side-effect on the waste disposal system and while I don't mind my house's sewage discharge being irritated ......

You get the idea, and I gotta tell you low-residue diets are not easy to diet upon.

A little sympathy here, please. I'm having to eat mostly meat, bread, cake, pie, dairy stuff.

The Glamorous Life

Yeah. I gotta lose 20 lbs too. I lost 40lbs about 2 years ago. And 10lbs found me again this year. Damn. And I thought I was keeping a low profile...whatever.

At least you are giving it some thought. I kinda go with the starve or work-out method. You know...where I feel the need to 'punish' myself for eating by working out until I sweat?

It just occured to me how badly I need therapy.

Thanks a lot Foolery.

Drama Mama

Funny! If I could just give up sugar and beer I would be doing great!

Rick's Cafe

Hmmmmm - Fluffer Nutter!!
Don't mind me....I'll just nibble on the fingers and toes:))

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Yes, stay away from all things processed, except for Tostitos and bean dip and red wine and spaghettios (plus 2 pieces of frozen pizza), and you can lose all the weight you want.

AT least that's how I talked myself through it all this first day of 2009.

BTW the real secret is to avoid corn syrup and gluten and stick to whole food as already mentioned. But where's the fun (aka Frito-Lay bean dip) in that?


I made up my own diet once - the "If you can grow it, you can eat it" diet. I only ate things I could, at least in theory, grow. Nowadays, they call that a whole-foods diet. I guess I was a trend setter.

Yeah, it worked beautifully until I realized I can't grow chocolate. Oh, well.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who is wishing you well!)


Let me know how it goes and I will get on it as soon as we finish moving. I'm all for shucking the corn.


Oh Bob, I could get fat eating with a sewing needle. It's a gift. Happy new Year, Bob!

Bob Cleveland

You could always try that trick diet the Orientals use when they want to shed a few.

Eat anything you want, but only use one chopstick.

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