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March 01, 2009


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Cactus Petunia

Send me your address and I'll mail you some lingonberries...or the next time you're near an Ikea, you can pick 'em up there.

I LOVE Swedish meatballs, almost as much as my Italian grandma's meatballs.
I'm definitely making some!

Kathi D

MMMMMMM thanks. I even like the ones at Ikea, and I know these will be better.


Hmmm, I don't think those look good at all. Nope, not even a little. (*checks cupboard for cans of cream-of-mush*)

YUMMM, thanks for sharing!

Bob Cleveland

CBW .. I agree about mixing meatloaf, and in honor of your sentiment, I EAT it the same way.

The Glamorous Life

This reminds me-
I need to get back to IKEA soon.

No seriously...have you ever eaten there? They serve these with a side of lingonberry jam. Makes me so full and happy I have to go take a nap in the MOCK bedroom, after resting a little in a MOCK living room.

OR. I could cook these myself.

Ba ha ha ha ha

Bob Cleveland

I think Col. Pappy Boyington would be happy that you named a dish after his dog.

Uhh ... are you SURE that's ONLY beef and pork?

You didn't get this recipe from CHINA, did you?


My mistah loves the meatball. But I think my sister Jacquie loves the meatball even more.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

These look wonderful, and I agree about using hands to mix the meat. I cannot imagine making a meat loaf without sticking both hands in the bowl.

The one part of this recipe that is impossible, as you point out, is finding the six normal people. If you said the recipe was enough for six half-crazy people, I just might be able to round up a few of those...and if you said enough for six lunatics, well they're a dime a dozen.

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