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August 19, 2009


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Jimmy Cracked Corn

I love canning! Check out my blog for a few canning stories!

Audrey  at Barking Mad!

No, no canning stories. It's probably better, errr, a lot safer that way too. I mean, this is ME we're talking about!


I would love to grow. And if I were at a different place in life, I'd can.

Have you tried zucchini patties or pancakes? Those are delish.


I wish someone would make me a zucchini bread out of their extra too many zucs .. I think that would be a great way to get rid of some of your,er,someone's extra veggies ..

noe noe girl

I do grow my own- gave up canning years ago - laziness set in when I got my freezer. Need some freezer stories?


Ah, I had this lovely fantasy at the beginning of the summer that we would have a little garden and can a bunch of things. Then I realized that between finishing a book, teaching a summer course, and playing with the kids, there was no time for a garden, let alone canning. I have fond ideas about what canning is like. They are all absurd, no doubt, based on a nostalgia that lacks any actual experience. But they are lovely fantasies. We have three tomato plants this summer. They are flourishing, though the tomatoes are all still green. So we wait patiently and eat a lot of basil from our large potted herbs.


Nope, no canning stories, however, my grannie used to have this ginormis garden(at least at 10 years old it was ginormis) and we would pick snaps and corn and blackberries and whatever else was in the bug and snake infested garden and the snap peas and shuck corn for HOURS and we ate LOTS of blackberry jam, which was pretty good btw. But as for me... Nope, not interested in canning- at all. And I'm just curious, why do they call it canning when you put it in jars? Shouldn't it be called "jarring." Gawd, I'm such a city girl!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I cannot can, but I can open a can.

p.s. Send some of that tamale pie! I CAN put a hurtin' on that!

Bob Cleveland

O. K. How much squash DO you have in your refrigerator?

And why keep it there? I thought it kept perfectly well at room temperature.

And who's interested in keeping it perfectly well, anyway?

Am I missing something here?


I wish I had the patience or the kitchen for canning because we have a crazy huge garden with more stuff than we'll ever eat.


She does look a little insane, doesn't she Ms. Glam? Just a tad.

I have three hacky sack-sized orange-ish tomatoes and six gravel-sized green tomatoes on my two forlorn plants. The plants would give the Pisa Tower a run for its money. Dunno if I'll ever be able to sample the fruits of my questionable labor; summer isn't long enough.

The Glamorous Life Association

If she isn't worried about ration points then what is that look on her face for??

I don't can. We do grow. Mainly my husband and the kids grow stuff. They grow stuff NONE of them EAT. So I am left with tomatoes and peppers coming outta my ears...and all three of them starring at me everyday to taste the 'harvest'a nd report back.

If only they could grow McNuggets...I would be off the hook.

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