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August 19, 2009


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Audrey  at Barking Mad!

That is hilarious. My great-aunt had a similar story about pickled beets and for the life of me I wish I could remember the whole thing. But this brought back the memory of me giggling so hard that my tummy would ache, every time she told it.

This is also a good reason why I don't ever can anything. I'd have wayyyyyy too much blog fodder. Or, well, someone would get hurt. It just wouldn't end well.

I have a similar story posted somewhere on my blog about microwaving left over roast beef. I thought someone was shooting into our house. Who knew left over roast beef was so explosive?

Suzanne Broughton

Can you imagine how her imagination would have gone wild if they were tomatoes?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Um, that would be sequel. Me and Mental Mama must be drinking the same stuff.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Attack of the Killer Peaches! It could be the sequence to Bud's favorite movie of all time: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

That last picture has me laughing. A LOT. What an evil, wicked peach!


I have a can of asparagus that exploded last month, all over the inside of the fridge door.

While I was gone for 4 weeks.

Yeah, havin' a hard time chiseling those bits and pieces off. Peaches would've been SO much nicer.

noe noe girl

I had a jar of tomatoes go on me once. Not pretty!


That's an awesome story!

grandma j

lol, I love hearing about the killer peaches...in TX yet.

Mental P Mama

LOL. Tomatoes have been known to attack as well!


Oh I am so laughing .. a can of chickpeas once exploded in our cupboard ... of course no one in my house thought the Japanese were attacking .. in fact I think no one noticed til the cupboard began 'bleeding' chickpea juice

Ann Marie

Now that is funny! KABLOOM....DUCK... it is mutant peaches!!!!!

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