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November 30, 2009


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You are too kind, MT. Chef Bocci will USE ME about this for YEARS. Luckily I have the goods on him, though. So nice to hear from you! I owe you a visit.  : )


The giblets were not wasted, Meg -- they were simmered on the stove with the neck and promptly fed to the outside cats, juice and all. The liver and heart were nice and steamy hot inside their bag, and were unceremoniously dumped outside, in the cheapo foil pan, with a pile of skin and other nasty trimmings. This is the dark side of cooking: MORTICIAN CHEF. Happy Post-Thanksgrubbing Turkey Feast!


Apparently you didn't get the memo? Upside down is the new right side up when it comes to cooking turkeys these days. Seriously. It makes the breast super moist, since the dark meat takes longer to cook than the white, and the process of putting dark meat on the bottom makes it take even longer, typically rendering the breast meat dry as old toast.

No stuffing is always the way to go for faster cooking.

Basically, this means you are an instinctual and brilliant cook. I'm sure Chef Brother would be proud.


Who makes turkey right after Thanksgiving?? Love this. Actually, my MIL bought us a whole turkey, frozen, mad on sale, and sent it along as sort of a gift. For later.

I can just picture Suz B with her oven mitts, prancing about, telling Larry she needs to "check on the turkey."

Those giblets? They're nasty, but the cat likes 'em. I boil them and use the broth to help make gravy.


Beej, does he cater?


Like you, I have no rack. I do, however have a faulous recipe for roasted turkey. It's called a "Husband Who Cooks," and it's an old family recipe I've been using for the past 13 years. I highly recommend it.


Thank you, Ron. I feel like the kid who learned to tie his shoes -- at 19.


I bow to the master. Thanks Kathi!

Audubon Ron

Congrats, you did it all by your lonesome.

Kathi D

By the way, it's true. Real fancy types like to roast the turkey upside down. Or flip it over halfway (sheesh, who wants to try THAT with a 12-pound hot bird?). So you must be a Natural Cook.

Kathi D

Seeeeeeeeeee?????? My recipes always turn out! No matter how creative you get with them!

Good job! You are now a graduate of my cooking academy. Take that and 5 or 6 bucks, and you can get a cup of joe at Starbuck's.


Yes, Suz, after 44 years its time for me to be a grown-up, if only by wearing those mitten-y things.

Also? Sometimes I claim to check on stuff that isnt even cooking yet. Im patterning my behavior, I say.

Suz Broughton

Congrats on your first turkey--all by yourself! I bet you felt like a real grown up and stuff when you "checked on the turkey." I would. I would say, "I'm going to check on the turkey" and then put on those mitten things and make a big deal about it.



Mantel Man

Hmmm... turkey with its back facing up; thinks she hit an air cavity... I think we've solved the mystery relating to the meat thermometer...

...It's where you stuck it in.

Now THAT'S offal.


@SMBS, I dont believe it for a minute. Im pretty sure you know your way around a kitchen. And Ill bet youve never accidentally cooked a turkey upside down.

SMBS (Single Male Blog Stalker)

Ever considered FedExing leftovers to the poor & needy who don't know how to use an oven?


@MPM, really?! Oh wow, I should NEVER have admitted that. I shoulda made like it was intentional. Crud.


I know, I know. But still, dont laugh too hard -- Im gonna do it that way ON PURPOSE from now on, it was that much juicier.

Mental P Mama

I hate it when you forget to take out that bag....But good for you! Many recipes call for putting the bird in upside down. You are just a turkey trail blazer.

The Glamorous Life Association

I laughed so frickin hard when I got the part about the bird being UPSIDE DOWN. I am still laughing....JUST AWESOME.

we make Turkeys all the time. The Husband likes a little bit of Thanksgiving in Spring...which makes the fact that I catered Thanksgiving dinner this year all that more...retarded.


Ewwwwwwww, I think hed just call me SILLY.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

And your father would call those giblets SUCKOFFAL.

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