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November 18, 2009


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I would have to simply reply with this:


Read down to the part where my mom forces me, against my better judgement to "try" the pate.


Oh GAHHH thats funny! Now I have to go look up poutine . . . maybe later, when Im completely digested . . .  : )


Youre very thoughtful, Mrs. F (I think?), but after five days in the mail, do you think you could tell if it had turned or not?  ; )  Ooooo, snarky -- sorry!


Oh golly, Mrs. F, thats hard to stomach (pardon the pun)!


@Mommytime: A wise person once told me that if you dont have a few spectacular failures you are playing it too safe, and your successes are probably minimal, too. I have hung on to this idea all my life as though it were chiseled onto stone tablets. So nice to see you here, MT! Ill come visit your world, too.


Ellie! So nice to hear from you again. And I once watched my friend try to eat purple octopus legs with suckers . . . I fiercely guarded my plate in case he defected.


That one would be on my list, too, Miss Kathi. Im only so adventurous.

Audubon Ron

A fingerling fish off the coast of Hawaii. I ate it raw at a sushi bar and it was pricy to boot. Normally, I like nasty, but this one was the taste of really bad smelly feet.


Worst thing I ever ate was during my mother's health nut phase in the 1970s. She made carob cookies (instead of chocolate), which was her first mistake. They called for rice flour. She didn't have enough, so she ground up some rice in her fancy food processor. The result tasted like fake chocolate cookies that had been baked on a beach in a windstorm. We still laugh about those auwful cookies.

When we aren't laughing about the pear tart my baker sister and I concocted, which is certainly in the top three dessert fails in the universe. Only to be followed by the peach crumble I made this summer with the children. The problem with the pear tart was soggy crust and impossibly bitter cranberries. The gorgeous summer peaches were ruined by using baking soda instead of the powder the recipe called for, making the crumble topping so caustically bitter that it tainted the peaches too.

Come to think of it, for a family of decent cooks, with one semi-professional baker, we sure make some AWFUL desserts sometimes.


I paid a lot of money for a seafood stew at a restaurant in San Francisco once. The octupus legs still had suckers on them.


Kathi D

I try to stay far away from any weird food, so I don't have awful offal stories. Worst I can think of is a fancy dinner once in a restaurant that has one seating a night, and dinner takes 3-4 hours. It starts in the wine cellar with hors doue, well, appetizers, and I mistakenly took a bite of steak tartare. Not funny.


Oh GAHHHH -- two words for you, Kyddryn: DOCTORS ORDERS. I will lie every time to avoid offal. Never had liver, gizzards, kidney pie, menudo, blood sausage, sweetbreads -- nothing freakier than sushi.


Haggis. The real deal, not some tinned horror or Americanized version.

Also, sheep's eyes. Yes. Yes I did.

I could go on...but I won't.

I no longer eat something for politeness' sake. I am old enough to be rude at will, and exercise the right with impunity.

Shade and Sweetwater,


CBW, I dont believe you. You made a lasagna and brownies and succotash and chili and all kinds of things for HurriKeister Ida; that isnt the same person who makes Worst Meals.

And Ill show you my mullet pictures when you tell me the Waffle House story. As soon as I find and scan a mullet picture.


Oh boB, Im gagging now.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

The worst meals ever the ones I fix.

The next worst one involved a Waffle House at 2:30 in the morning after a Virginia Tech football game that started at noon the day before.

That's all I'm saying.

Bob Cleveland

I huge hamburger stuffed with bleu cheese. That's normally a good combination, but the burger was red rare inside .. slimy rare, and that don't go well with the bleu cheese stuffed in the middle.

I gagged.

And then there was a Liver & Rice Casserole Peg made about 50 years ago, which we still laugh about today. Liver, tomatoes, rice, and some green things.

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