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July 03, 2010


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A burrito as a love letter? I love it!!

noe noe girl

It has yummy all over it!

The Glamorous Life Association

Best opening line to a post,story, novel or movie ever written.

"I forgot to warn Richard"


Mental P Mama

Can you bring some over here with you?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

OK, please don't tell your children I said any of this, but Cactus Petunia's use of the word "burrito" immediately propelled me back to a SNL Will Ferrell/Somebody cheerleader routine, and the line was:

Taco, Burrito,
What's coming out of your Speedo.

Or was it hanging out?

Or was it Haynes?

Cactus Petunia

Did somebody say "burrito"???

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Call 'em up and order me one, I'm on my way...

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