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July 29, 2010


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Frume Sarah

I think I'm in the wrong blog. I just run out to the market when I want ice cream.


Darren Nethington

Love this one, Laurie, especially the licking the paddle part..."Do not let urchins con you out of your divine right." Awesome!

Suzanne Broughton

My grandma used to make ice cream like this. I used to love to lick the paddle. My favorite.


When I was a kid (about a hundred years ago), my great-uncle and aunt used to come over to our house and we would make ice cream. Only difference was, it was always in the winter! I guess so they could use the snow instead of the ice? Dunno. But oh, it was so so so delicious.


There is raw eggs in ice cream? Who-da-thunk-it.
We got an ice cream maker at our wedding and I returned it. Now that I have kiddos I wish I would have kept it...

noe noe girl

They eat so much ice cream at my house that machine would be the death of me!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You sure make this look easy, and I was on board to run out to Wal Mutant and purchase one, but then when you said that thing about the motor burning up, I knew this was not for me.

Sadly, I will watch pictures of other people making ice cream and whisking snot, so I don't have to call 911 and notify my home owners insurance people.

Mantel Man

What, no blackberries this time? Don't tell me you are allowing your arachnophobia to deprive your urchins of purple ice cream. Go pick some berries! And mail some to me. About 50 pounds, if you don't mind.

Tracey of These Nine Acres

WOWZERS. Mmmmmm. I am glad there are other mean moms out there who demand their right to the beaters (paddle).

Audubon Ron

Whisk it, whisk it good, crack that whisk...

boB Cleveland

Ahh, I forgot.


boB Cleveland

A motor .. electric, by the looks of the thing, unless that's an air line running in there from a compressor .. on an Ice Cream Freezer?

Who knew?

I must not have gotten the memo. I still use the wooden-bucket thing with the hand crank (which come to think of it might qualify for "time off for good behavior" with my cardiac rehab people.


Whisk it! Whisk it Good! Thanks for that earworm. Love homemade icecream, perhaps something I should do with my kiddos

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