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August 01, 2010


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noe noe girl

No Shrimp Boil?

Mantel Man

I just hope I never have to re-name your eldest daughter "Tofu Girl."

Audubon Ron

My niece visited under the banner of being a vegan. I said, you're just like your grandma, got to be exotic. After my grilled tuna and wasabi dressing dish and salmon with basil and white wine dish she bent the rules a little.

If a vegan, I say, BYOFood.

Life with Kaishon

The genesis of dinner :)
What a great line.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'm with Mrs. F. Didn't hear a thing because could not get over the pretty sink.

boB Cleveland

I we weren't supposed to eat animals, they wouldn't be made of MEAT!


Hemmingway Jr.

Ya know, the thing about Vegans is.....
...nope, not goin to say a thing.

Always amazed how complicated sobriety is...yer second guessing everything instead of just sharing whats on yer mind.

(it's Sunday morning, of course I'm sober...hungover, but completely sober)


i'm not a vegan (nor do i play one on TV), but some hilarious vegan cookbooks are written by isa chandra moskowitz:


my favorite, of course, is "vegan cupcakes take over the world." how can you not love a title like that?

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