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April 28, 2011


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With so much love and care I'm sure she will make it and be a strong cow, she is so precious, reminds me of my childhood and the time spent at my grandpa's farm. Lots of beautiful memories.

Mantel Man

Wow, that IS a small calf! They'll have to feed her a lot to ensure she's ready for the 2012 barbecue season. : )


Oh, thanks for sharing this. I hope the li'l Miss thrives on their TLC!


This is the closest I've been to a baby calf and I've fallen in love. I want to hug her and feed her and whisper "you can do it" in her ear. Awwwwww.

Thank you and I know she can do it!!


Thanks, Daryl -- Ill update when I can!


If she doesn't make it, I don't want to know. Promise you won't tell me. Just tell me she went to live on a farm somewhere. ANOTHER farm, I mean.


Awwww .. I sure hope she makes it


So precious. Great story.


Shelley, you already have a menagerie. How about visiting instead?  ; )


Baby calves may be the cutest babies ever, noe noe.  : )


Thanks TJ! Will pass on the wishes.   : )

shelley wilcox

Ok, this is just too gosh darn cute!! I want one!

noe noe girl

Cute little thing!


...Is that not the most precious thing EVER?! :o)

...Thanks Miss Foolery, Jackie & Harvey for sharing!

...Blessings all & Miss Mendocino too... :o)

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