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May 06, 2011


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Ha ha ha ha ha -- oh Marcy, if you knew the long history of beat-downs we give each other via e-mails, youd just pack it in. Were truly awful to each other. Mantel Man included. But were very, very close.

And at least he wasnt wearing the Cute Little Boy Shorts.  ; )

Marcy Massura

I am equally concerned for the shirt-tucking-in, but I believe it was to help accentuate his LACK OF BEER BELLY and the fact that he can still in fact actually TUCK IN HIS SHIRT.

Don't be pickin on Mantle-Man. I will take you down.


And impressed


I was more concerned with that "thing" in his pants

Mantel Man

I guess it is unusual. The waistband of my hiking pants is a bit scratchy, so I tuck in my shirt for comfort. Please tell Bocci that at least I CAN tuck in my shirt...

Mental P Mama

Seriously! Who tucks and hikes????


Me too, Sharon. Poor Mantel Man!

Sharon Rogers-Dodge

Have to agree with Brother Bocci on this one!

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