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May 24, 2011


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I've come back here twice now and laughed out loud at Dr. Drew's feet.


You do know Im insanely jealous of you for having met Dr. Drew, dont you Marcy? [scratching the REHAB ME DR. DREW! idea from secret plans. . . hmmmmm, may need to brainstorm this]

Marcy Massura

I suppose I should tell you- he is more dreamy in person. I wanted to scream "Rehab me Dr. Drew! LOCK ME UP!"

But that seemed kinda inappropriate.


Cactus Petunia

I think that guy is up to something, if you ask me.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

(An aside, before my comment on Dr. Drew: Dear Meg, Harry is my husband. Mine. No, really, and truly, m-i-i-i-i-n-e.)

I've come back here twice now and laughed out loud at Dr. Drew's feet. Before reading thatgirlblogs comment I struggled to describe why.

It's the levitation factor.

There's great levity in levitation.

Levity is abundant here in Fooleryland.

Mantel Man

Ummm . . . who?

And why has no one asked for a Mantel Man cutout?


I think he might be an angel, thatgirlblogs?


He sort of levitates.

Audubon Ron

Dr. Who?


Ah, Daryl, who DOESNT want a George Clooney cut-out?  : )


Oh yes please, Meg. I need to see that!


Sher -- pitching or in civvies?


I want a George Clooney cutout


now all's i need is my own timmay cutout and i'd be set.


Why wouldn't he let you drink cheap red wine? Of course he would. He would let you be YOU.

I love this idea. Might have to do this with Harry Connick Jr (my other husband).

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