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May 22, 2011


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Cactus Petunia

May I just say that someday I will look back on this as the defining moment in my decision to become a vegetarian? : }

Britton Minor

I can only laugh at this if the bacon was Trader Joe's nitrate/nitrite-free bacon. Get back to me...

Chesapeake Bay Woman


I am now begging the Foolery Family to adopt me. Begging!


this is so not kosher

Mantel Man

So, does Baloney Girl need a new nickname? And where in the world does one get half a dozen bacon suits? Makes me wonder what Frances & Co. will come up with for next year.

Audubon Ron

I can't say I ever got shot the finger by a bacon before.

Mak'in bacon...

Rick's Cafe

Soooo cute, I could just eat you all up!


Big grin and just shakin my head...however, I am not one. bit. surprised! LOL

Fran Alston

Sensational! You guys were great too. Thanks so much for wearing your snowman socks. You have a subtle way of stealing the show. ;-) Honestly, you have a way with words and we greatly enjoyed your recap. We will continue to giggle about it tomorrow as well. Thanks for all of your enthusiastic participation. A fun time was had by all. You can check that off your "bucket list".

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