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May 13, 2011


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Tell him to stop at ONE and it should all be okay, Gramps.  : )


A son-in-law who fixes my things electronic, loves good beer. Will have to get some and stock if for AFTER he finishes fixing things


Tasty stuff, right? But POWERFUL. Take it slow, Ron!

Audubon Ron

The only thing that makes living in Mississippi tolerable is I can get CA wines and this beer here. Otherwise, I'd have to move back.


By all means, you should, Rick! As long as youre alone. And your electric bill is paid. And your pets are put up for the weekend somewhere safe. And your toilet bowl is squeaky clean, just in case. And you should hide all phones in case you feel like drunk dialing. But yeah, go for the full 4-pack! (HINT: The Beer That Ruined Thanksgiving was a 3-pack)  : )

Rick's Cafe

Along the lines of the now familar, "You don't have to pay if you can eat the massive hamburger" advertisement, a "4 pack" sounds like a challenge ..... and I'm just the man to accept!

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