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August 05, 2011


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You are SO right, Gramps -- and youre inluded in that bunch -- thanks, as always!


Slipping into a reverie about Opal and Palmers Chicken Shack . . .   ; )


I've come to the conclusion that all of your commenters are just as weird (in a good way) as you!
(Is commenters not a word or spelled wrong?)


Trust me, renaming them after soaps ALREADY cancelled (and I am mad as hell as mad as a wet evil hen) wont help .. but threatening to make her into Chicken Fingers to be sold at Opal & Palmer's Chicken Shack might ...

Rick's Cafe

I wonder what the end result would be of mixing a mean chicken with an angry goose?
Self scrambling eggs?

Mantel Man

Mmmmmm . . . KFMC . . .


Well see, K. I hope she learns not to pick on the little ones. Otherwise . . . the Colonel will GIT HER!


Poor Mean Chicken...I bet she's just misunderstood...

Shade and Sweetwater,


Awesome, Ron. Im getting cranky just thinking about it.  : )

Audubon Ron

I may have a chicken recipe. Mad Chicken Soup.


. . . at Grandpas house, a.k.a. The Winchester Mystery Bird House. Sort of a long punchline, though.  ; )


This is a fantastic story. Especially because now I can teach my kids a new ending to the old joke: the answer is "to lay an egg on the other side."


If they rebranded those shows -- Hens of Our Lives and All My Chickens -- they would never go off the air. They should call me. I could cast it for them.

Rick's Cafe

Oh fine - day time drama has hit the blogosphere. Am pretty sure I can find a couple minutes between Days of Our Lives and All My Children...but it's a tight squeeze.

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