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September 02, 2011


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Daryl, the irony is that as long as Leroy lives at the ranch and is a good boy he won't be dinner. When the amount of grass won't support the herd and some must be sold, someone else makes dinner of them, but never us. They have the best possible bovine lives here that they could ask for. Zero stress, plenty to eat, and no pesky cowboys herding them all the time. : )


Mantel Man, why did you think you were invited at Thanksgiving? I have the steak knives all ready for you.


Debbie, his mama also has a huge @$$ like MINE.


is he gonna be dinner some day? gah .. so glad i dont eat meat

Mantel Man

Will the kids get to witness Leroy's castration? Grandpa might need someone to hold the utensils for him.


Most kids do not get to witness anything like this and they all should!! How wonderful!

Leroy is a cutie! His mama has a wrinkled neck like mine LOL


The cows are my dads, Gramps -- he keeps about two full-grown bulls and cycles them every couple of years to keep the herd progressing and not getting inbred. If this little guy is a good one Dad will keep him, for a while anyway.. Some he castrates and raises as steers, selling them at auction when he needs to lighten the herd. Buyers then buy them and finish fattening the steers for stocking their freezers. I try not to get too attached because its just too sad.

Thanks for reading!



That's what my Kids say about me---"cute and clueless"

So, if he develops right, will you use him as a breeder? (or whatever you call those guys)


Oh Deb, I wish I had had the camera that evening, but at least the kids got to witness the birth. Second time for both of them. It never gets old. : )  Thanks for reading!


love that you have your own 'farm' critters in fooleryland.. <3 you and keep that camera with you girl!

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