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November 17, 2011


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My nose needs  mouse poop vacation, Rick.  ; )

Rick's Cafe

You can smell little, tiny mouse poop with 3 dogs in the house? WOW - have ya ever thought of having your nose become a professional aroma sniffer?


Nahhh, thats just Portland. Put a bird on it!

Mantel Man

When I drove past the Occupy Portland encampment the other day, I thought it smelled like mouse poop and regret.


Relieved to know Im doing something right, SK. Is it okay if the crudites have dog hair in them?


I lost the number. Its probably for the best.

Suburban Kamikaze

Please, that is exactly how to do it. Martha Stewart-style entertaining is so last week.



Oh CBW beat me to it ..

Chesapeake Bay Woman

You have my deepest sympathies.

Please run--do not walk--to your phone and dial Wine One One now. Operators are standing by...

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