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February 07, 2012


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Emergency Shower

Snake Oil?? Great!!!


Perhaps those magazines would like to see my protruding belly, Aunt Bea arms and giant butt, too -- all of which I also wake up with. ACES.

Suburban Kamikaze

Yeah. Except I saw that EXACT look in one of those glamorous beauty magazines at the salon over an article describing HOW TO. It's THE LOOK now. You have to use something like five different products to make it work. The rest of us anyway. You just wake up with it. Beeeyotch.



Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.


Ha! Oh Debbie, you make me laugh. Thanks for that! : )


You are one brave soul and if I was as brave as you...to post mine? You would feel blessed.

I've considered raising mine up and "piercing" them somehow to get them back where they belong. Hooking them up under my eyebrow. A new look...

Gah. One of my biggest "dislikes" of getting old.

Snake oil? Hmmmmmm


I think part of what started the whole venetian blinds look has been my near-constant eye-rolling, Daryl. My eyes/eyelids really are the most-used muscle group on my body.


I think I know a less expensive aka cheaper way to lift those Venetian blinds (do you know how to make a Venetian blind? You poke 'em in the eyes! :::rimshot:::) assume the raised eye brow skeptical pose ... voila .. you look interested, amazed and VB-less all in one easy motion .. practice it .. I know it will become your signature look!


Im thinking we could buy it by the 55-gallon drum and scoop it out with snow shovels, CBW. Then share it with a couple of other people. Im in.


Theres some Mary Kay and some LOreal and some Paula-Somebody, Cactus Petunia. None of it is extra strength, I fear. ; )

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Pass the snake oil! Do they make an extra heavy duty version for the belly and midsection? I'll take a dozen.

Cactus Petunia

What brand of expensive snake oil? I could use some of that!

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