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March 19, 2012


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Chesapeake Bay Woman

For special deliveries or those pesky last minute needs, contact the Booze Fairy at 1-800-Wine-One-One.

Those clothes pin people are precious, much like the person who created them. Seriously, she could sell those at a flea market.

Maybe the Booze Fairy could deliver me a pair when she makes her next transcontinental journey.


Oh I do, Ron, I do. She just stays away for far too long. Probably wont see her again until Cinco de Mayo. (So nice to hear from you again, by the way!)

Audubon Ron

Got to love that booze fairy.


Daryl, that makes complete sense. Shes on the wrong side of the continent.


I think I saw her, the Booze Fairy, headed down to Mathews ..

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