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April 06, 2012


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Since I wrote this post, Meg, hes come around. He herds his four hens around the yard and they all stay together. He never attacks people or cats, or hed be covered in rosemary and flour faster than you can say Whats for dinner? Dad talked to a feed store on my behalf, and they told him to bring the bird in a box or cage and theyd give him away, but I know if I do that that someone will eat him. So far, so good. Chicken Dinner may stay if he behaves.

And Chass niece was here last week and renamed him Frank. That will stick as long as hes good!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

That Chicken Dinner is a big bad bully!


I know, Britton -- its why I could never raise a lamb or heifer or steer for 4H or FFA as a kid, even though my friends were making tons of money doing so and I had the perfect set-up here: I couldnt stand the thought of sending my pet off to its death. Or worse, EATING IT. I am quite circumspect as a carnivore; Im fine with the idea as long as Im not in the chain of culpability. : )

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Britton Minor

I know it's the life cycle, the food chain, the inevitabilities of this life--but I still wish everyone--humans (most) and creatures could live in harmony without having to feast on each other. Ok, so it's a worthless comment, shameful in its naïveté and la-la land wishes...but it's how I feel. I don't even like it when my cat kills a spider! And to think...I'm not even a vegetarian...strange.


Were not killing any foxes, but we dont let the chickens out until after lunch, and then only if were going to be home in the afternoon. So far, so good!


Were not killing any foxes, but we dont let the chickens out until after lunch, and then only if were going to be home in the afternoon. So far, so good!

Rick's Cafe

And cityfolk never grasp the notion that killing those cute foxes/coyotes/wolfs is a lot less heartless than watching your family critters be eaten.


oh I am so sad ... poor penny and not penny and all the other to-go fox dinners ..


Thanks, CBW. Chicken Dinner has expressed no opinion about his name, but I really dont care if he likes it or not.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'm so sorry about Penny/Not Penny. Absolutely love the name Chicken Dinner.


Lisa, OF COURSE I remember you! And this rooster is a perfect gentleman to people, but hes way too rough with the hens. Makes me mad. I dont think hed be any match for that fox, however. Your Max must be a weightlifter.


HA! Awesome, Pierre. : )


A tale of love, loss, murder and chicken dinner. What more could we ask for on Easter Sunday

Pierre Lafrance

Great writing. Surely pullet surprise material.

lisa mertins

Hi Laurie, remember me from Marci's bday? I wanted to comment since I JUST got chased by our SOB Max the rooster.

The thing about him though, as ferocious as he is, we haven't lost any chickens on his watch!

I didn't really want a rooster either but maybe yours will keep the hens safe once he's mature and mean like our Max. We've had him about 4 years now and he's not a bit nicer than he ever was.

That said, new hens that come into the flock get to live in the hen condo so he won't murdilate them!

Judy McDonald

Haven't read your blog in a long time. Wow.....you have gone big time with advertising and all. If I tapped into your blog each day I would get nothing done around here. Thanks for sending the Chicken story through email. j


I may have to try that, Kathi, *sigh*.


Foxes and chickens. What more to say? Except I'm sorry about both Pennys and the Buff.

So far, the electric wires I wrapped around the chicken yard have kept any more of mine from being dinner for critters, but there is always something out there looking for a nice meal.

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