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April 28, 2012


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Yes, please do stay away from the water, SK -- its too pure for our kind. You could DIE.

Party on, SK.

Suburban Kamikaze

Sometimes this blog makes me laugh so hard I start coughing and have to get a drink right away. But not water. And I never imagined I could actually die laughing. Still, not a bad way to go.

Party on, Reaper.



Exactly what I thought, Meg. Probably right, which is why I went along with the great Plan and shooed them to bed. But I jumped out of my skin when the phone rang at 10:30 and it was Ralphs father, apologetically asking me to wake Ralph up and put him on the phone. It was all but impossible to wake Ralph up. Turns out it was just a where the HAY did you put my car keys call, but I needed a sedagive after that.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

That reminds me of the time I hosted one of those at-home "parties" where you tell your friends they don't have to buy anything but you really want them to? And my one friend showed up at the door, stepped into my foyer, went *sniff, sniff* and said, "Do you have a cat? Because I'm extremely allergic to cats." And we did have a cat! But if you were deathly allergic to cats, wouldn't you ask that question and make your attendance contingent on a negative reply? Yeah, me too. She left immediately.

My point (I think I have one here) is that is this something the kid's parents mentioned? Because it seems right up there with "allergic to gluten / dairy / peanuts / CATS" in my book. That whole, "I might die" thing.

Daryl aka Big Apple

so who is Death playing next week, I want to be ready in case its here ..


I have a feeling the 8-year-olds I know would consider my attempt to gross them out as an added attraction, Pierre.

Pierre Lafrance

Please allow me to share with you the ingenious protocol we devised and implemented for whenever someone(s) request(s) the privilege of being an overnight guest chez Lafrance. After making an imprint of their medical insurance card, we ask them to fill a five-page medical history form and to sign an organ donor consent form. We have a well-appointed guest bedroom. In a corner, we keep a cooler chest filled with crushed ice and in which are various containers labeled eyes, heart, brain, liver, kidneys and "naughty bits". Trust you me, the word quickly spreads on the grapevine. After a few takes, the demand for accommodation at our downtown Indianapolis condo has reached an all-time low.

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