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June 01, 2012


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Mental P Mama

I'm thinking more of a chestnut.


I just know you would already have thought of it if you had your own Manhattan chickens and cows, Daryl. But they are rare species, indeed.

Daryl aka Big Apple

and this is why, part of why, i adore you


Not surprised in the least, Jamie! OR concerned. : )

Deltaville Jamie

When I first saw your blog title I was reading it on my very small 1.5"x2" dumb phone screen and I didn't see your photo. I immediately thought I should mention to you that "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" would be a more appropriate title. You might want to be concerned that we think alike.


Yes, yes you do


How now brown chicken and cow.

Mantel Man

Don't feel bad. I speak a small, insular Spanish.

Mmmm . . . bife con pollo . . .

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