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June 13, 2012


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Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

That is pretty much our favorite saying in my house.


The response from the Peanut Gallery to your Zombie Apocalypse Barbie, dear MommyTime: Any pictures?

Sounds like a good case for Crime Scene Ken.


THAT is completely hilarious. It makes me really sad that I threw away Zombie Apocalypse Barbie (also a dog-bite victim, but she lost most of her face--which was, nonetheless, not swallowed and therefore all the more gruesome, lying some five feet away from the rest of her).

Daryl aka Big Apple

Clearly the applettes didnt fall far from the trees ... ;)


Not Flipper Foot G.I. Joe? As I remember, he hung out with Barbie in his red swim trunks while No Gonad Ken was face down in a pile of polyester.

Mantel Man


Strange, though - I never had much use for a Shark Attack Barbie. "Black Plague Ken" was my go-to toy.


Very kind. Theyre getting funnier every day and Im gonna be out of a job soon!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Everyone citizen of Fooleryland is a comic genius.

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