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July 01, 2012


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Audrey at Barking Mad!

Well, now that you've pointed it out . . .


I wish I knew, Beej. All of his joints were on ball joints and it was almost impossible to keep them straight. Barbie really preferred G.I. Joes manly barrel chest and grim demeanor, but always settled for silly Ken because his parts were in alignment. Not sure where Kelly Preston stands on this distinction, but perhaps shell weigh in.


G.I. Joe's feet swivel? What the hell for?


Daryl, is that right? I just figured Ken tried to scratch his eyes out over Joes liberal use of Barbies Dream Car.


You can stand way over here with me, CBW. Im facial hair-free and minding my own bidness! ; )

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Chia Pet.

For some reason that's all that's coming to mind unless you count a beard-related remark.

And I'm joining Lauren in slowly backing away from that.

Daryl aka Big Apple

GI Joe has a scar like the character Todd Manning on the late great One Life To Life?


I knew you wouldnt, Lauren. Me neither. ; )

Mental P Mama

I suppose we'll have to ask his masseurs about what parts swivel. And I am not going near the subject of his beard...


Fer sure.

Bob Cleveland

What a travolta'n development dis is!

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