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August 14, 2012


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Jess a.k.a The Apathetic Parent

OK, that's so funny.

I recently played four square with Crowbar, my 7 year-old son. I thought it'd be fun, but he had all these crazy rules.

"Shoe shine!" he yelled, then slammed the ball down on my left foot, rendering it unreturnable and banishing me to the D square.

It was awful. And awesome at the same time.

Rick's Cafe

Just goes to show you. Youth sports don't need adult umpires, they'll do just fine figuring it out themselves.....eventually.

Mantel Man

Sidewalk? What sidewalk? Did you people move to the big city (Orland)? That would explain why the kids are turning to violent crime.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

That is AWESOME!


I cannot stop laughing. I read this out loud to my husband and to my brother. Now we are all laughing. Thank you.

Daryl aka Big Apple

OMG .. I totally snorted .. now I need to find some kleenex ... damn

Bob Cleveland

So much for the hopping. I think I can guess where the Scotch comes in.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I love this family.

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