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August 16, 2012


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I've been looking for a post like this fvroeer (and a day)

Jess a.k.a The Apathetic Parent

I can relate -- not in a pristine, unopened jar of organic peanutbutter kind of way, but in a my at-work desk is spotless compared to the fire-hazard death trap of an office I have at home kind of way.

Some mornings, after a particularly chaotic send-off to school and day care, I get to work, pop a cold Diet Coke and just... sit. I enjoy the relative peace and quiet and dreamily slide my hand over the smooth, clutter-free surface of my desk.

And then the phone rings and the magic is gone.

Daryl aka Big Apple

my own personal idaho ... no .. wait .. my own personal peanut butter .. into which i stick my finger, lick it off and back into that yummy sticky stuff .. hey its mine and i will eat it any damn way i want .. have you seen the extra crunchy Skippy? oh my.

Rick's Cafe

Knew I liked you a long time ago, but didn't know why, now I do.....It's like knowing which fork to use for which course at dinner, you use the proper utensil to eat peanut butter.


This has been very helpful, Rusty. Thank you for your input.

Rusty Rebar

ok, like three things.

1. We gotta come up with better names then J and R.

b. About chunky peanut butter and no one wanting to eat it: I know right?

Last and most likely least um... I forgot.

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