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September 30, 2012


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Thank you, CBW. I do draw the line at herding pigs, however, just so you know. They scare the poop outta me.


@Daryl -- wait, you dont mind the POOP? Theres a lot of poop. Think BIG pigeons. Plus, we have lots of pigeons.


@Rick, DOH! Now why didnt I think of that? Oh, I know: small head. The chicken, not me. I have a huge head.


@Jess: back to Estrogenville. I hope some nice Level 5 Vegan took Chicken Dinner home and made a yard ornament out of him because I hate to kill an animal that has been in my care. But he wasnt paying good attention when I made stink eye at him so it was time to move him out.


@Deltaville Jamie: Arent they funny? My favorite chicken thing is when one inexplicably decides to squat down low and streak across the yard as fast as she can. Once she gets there she doesnt seem to do anything important, so what was the hurry all about?


@noe noe girl: it hasnt ended yet -- more to come if my stoopid internet will allow me to post, arghh.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Any story of yours that involves herding in high heels is guaranteed to be great. That the animal being herded is a chicken, all the better.

Add this to my Favorites list.

Rick's Cafe

Ya might try a leash next time...


okay! one aspect of country living i don't envy!

Deltaville Jamie

I completely underestimated the entertainment value of chickens until I had my own herd. Yesterday morning I spent 15 minutes trying to convince 2 of them that they needed to get back in the coop instead of picking through horse manure.

noe noe girl

Alls well that ends well!


Bravo. I'm sure you lowered the stress level for your hens considerably.

With a name like Chicken Dinner, that bird was destined for life beyond Fooleryland.

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