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October 11, 2012


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Yet another make-me-cry-because-I'm-so-happy-an-animal-has-found-a-life-that-lets-him/her-fulfill-his/her-life-purpose rnieadg Keep em coming!

Rick's Cafe

Ya might find it on old re-runs:


But if the cluckers would prefer a little company/companionship instead of mind numbing TV, one could always read them one of my favorites:



ha ha ha ha ha -- but what shows do chickens like? Empty Nest isnt on anymore, right?

Rick's Cafe

Ya know, if this chicken just had a decent sized TV to watch (perhaps a projection screen) she'd probably never have given you all this trouble!


Oh MPM, you are SO on top of things. I suppose I won't need a Casting Couch, though...

Mental P Mama

Who's gonna play Caramel in the movie?


Be honest, dear Daryl -- thats pretty much how you see me anyway, right? ; )


Glad I could help, Jess, but I dont know why anyone would ever need to spit coffee from her nose.


crocs, dress, and a chicken pressed to your heart ... an image which will stay with me forever.. xo


"...Caramel pressed to my ribs, resting what should be her chin upon my arm."

I nearly spit coffee from my nose.

Thank you. This is exactly what I needed today.

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