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October 12, 2012


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Last year was the first time in 5 years that I had been , and I only went to take my son for a look at the machinery . This year had more of a dairy farm theme than last year , a lgarer stock food and animal supplement presence .My son also likes the tractor pulling It has been a long time since I remember any specific Onion or Potato gear there , sign of the times I guess


Oh, youre onto their M.O., arent you Meg? Yes, thats how it works. I admit we have received some wonderful things over the years, but weve also been a repository. : )

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

That's hilarious... LOVE that they "gave" you the TV. Now it's YOUR problem! Hope they still have the tractor when you're ready to move that thing out. YOu'll need it.


I havent brought myself to watch it yet, Jess, though it is prime TV-watching weather in the office, being neither beastly hot nor tooth-chattering cold (yet). I guess I should plunk down on that nasty plaid couch -- did I mention it was an orange and brown plaid? Yeah -- and watch that sucker before the icicles come. But it heartens me to know that theres someone else out there who knows how I feel. Thank you, Jess. Suggest to your in-laws that they get an orange tractor.


This is the funniest thing ever -- love your illustrations.

But it also makes me want to cry because almost the exact same thing happened to me. My in-laws got a new TV and gave us their old one -- I swear, the same model as yours. It was huge. Sadly, ours wasn't delivered by tractor.

Watching it in our tiny living room was like going to the drive-in.

Have fun with your new baby.


Yeah, I know. My family is weirder than anything.


Thats so weird, Daryl, be cause the image of the plaid couch HAUNTS ME.

Chesapeake Bay Woman




love this ... especially the image of the plaid couch

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