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November 06, 2012


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Exactly. I did the same. Obama then Romney.

Agree. I want my TV shows back!



Think you nailed it!!!!

This whole election season was "God awful". I was embarrassed by both sides. And now that it is over, I am frightened that we haven't learned anything

Cactus Petunia


Chesapeake Bay Woman

I swear the words to that Korean song is Condom Style. Take a listen. Condom Style.

Well done, punctuation or no.

Bob Cleveland

incidentally i never learnt to shift for myself

Bob Cleveland

or perhaps i should have said !

Bob Cleveland



you voted for Mittens? Hurrumphfh ....

if just once Mittens or that guy he ran with would have actually put forth even one solid FACTUAL thing they planned to do on DAY ONE i might have voted for them ...

love your punctuationless post ..

Mantel Man

Ha! I don't know who the Korean guy is.

But I'll bet he doesn't have enough business experience.

Pierre Lafrance

Damn right. Canada already has its full quota of idiots, thank you. The recent elections in Qu├ębec proves it.


Jack Kerouac's got nothin' on you Ms. Foolery. Lovin' the SPOT ON stream of consciousness, and FEELIN' IT SISTER. xoxox

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