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January 27, 2013


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Wow, this article is ceartinly timely for me .we have continuous fence and have had good luck with it, but from time to time it is tested. This morning I let the dogs out and just happened to decide to stay out with them. Two of my geldings were play/fighting over the fence and I heard a terrifying squeal. One gelding had reared up and when he came down his right front leg because hung up on the second rail (from the top). By the time I got there he was trembling. I actually had to get my husband to get his foot off the fence .my flip flops and bathrobe were not proper attire! He is very sore and will most likely get a trip to the chiro in a few days as I am sure he will be needing it!


It's sort of funny but if they get on the lawn, they head for whatever they see that looks tasty.

It's not as funny when they start chewing on your decorative plants. That's happened to me by the way. Talk about free hedge trimming. Unfortunately those cows aren't trained to make it look good.

So really, where are the pictures of the other fun stuff you must have seen on your trip?

Cactus Petunia

In my neighborhood, I'm gonna be the mean old lady who yells, "Hey, you cows! Get off my lawn!"

Audubon Ron

On the grass is a lot better than in the living room.

Bob Cleveland

Actually, crystal meth is more of a problem with the cattle around here.


we kill them if they don't obey


They absolutely do count, Tracey. If only they could read. Welcome to Fooleryland, by the way!


Um, can I borrow that? We seem to have a problem with our "neigh"bors wandering horses. They count as livestock, right?

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