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I am so confused, I feel like a beagle ... I did do a tweet tho I couldnt do more than tweet the URL because its LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOONG

When we had a dog we fed her Purina ...


Got it, Daryl -- thanks! Ill find out if theres a better way, but I saw your tweet and noted it. Thanks!


oh, i like teh cute doggez. nicer to see them than osama bin labrador all over the place. :)


I do agree, Sher -- thanks!



yum my dog like purina thanks for the chance to win!


Got your Tweet -- thanks, Steph!


Fingers crossed for you!  : )


Your babies are so beautiful! Our beagle (Dixie) is 11 years old and still the BEST dog ever. Thanks for the chance!

Robin Scott

I have an older, chubby dog, who could use this food. I also have a male cat with a history of urinary tract problems, and he needs special food for that. Thanks
robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

Robin Scott



Thank you, StephRose -- were pretty smitten, too. Beagles are COOL.

Rick's Cafe

Louie told me to stock up on that brand cause ya know, in case the pups ever visits he wants them to feel right at home :)


Do you know about the coupons, Robin? From my post -- clicking here you can get a coupon for $3.00 off Purina Pro Plan Selects dry dog food. $3.00 off is a place to start -- wish you luck and thanks for reading!


Rick, I wouldnt do that to you. Wally and Rilo would spend the entire time barking at your cat and the neighborhood squirrels. Thanks for commenting!  : )

Jessie C.

Wally and Rilo are adorable!

Jessie C.



Thank Jessie!


We're getting a new puppy soon and Purina Pro Plan Selects sounds like a good product!



Marcy Massura

Excellent post.
Made me hungry.
Which is ALARMING actually.
Or is it?


Ooooooooh, PUPPIES!  : )  Thanks for stopping by, Mami2jcn -- good luck! And check out the $3.00 coupon, which always helps.


I admit -- Im thinking about trying it. Ill bring some with me next time Im down your way and we can have a taste test, Marcy.  ; )

Jean D.

Our eight-year-old chihuahua, Kali, doesn't eat much, but she does eat healthy. I'd love to buy her Purina's premium food with healthy ingredients.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Jean D.

Tweeted you!!/Ida_Sessions/status/65546111112318976

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