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This lost original is thought to have been created around BC, near the inception of the Hellenistic era. It was rediscovered, missing its head, in Rome by at least the 16th century.

It is sometimes said to have been found in the ruins of Emperor Nero 's Domus Aureathough this is unlikely, as fragments uncovered there contained no evidence of high-quality works of art such as the Venus.

The restorer decided to have the figure look over her shoulder at her own buttocks, a choice that gave the Venus its distinctive pose and had a ificant effect on later interpretations of the work. In the Farnese estate was inherited by Charles of Bourbonwho moved Personals Tallahassee ny of the marbles, including the Venus, across the Tiber River to the Villa Farnesina.

First, however, it was sent to be restored by Carlo Albacini. Responding to contemporary criticisms of some of the statue's features, Albacini replaced the head, the arms, and one leg; he Lady cougar in Ontario the restoration fairly faithfully in having the figure look back over her shoulder.

Henderson describe it as having "created a 'masterpiece' in place of a fragment". They showed themselves off to the traveler, the son of a rich man, and he voted for the older sister. Subsequently, he became smitten with California strip club laws and fell ill with love-sickness.

Learning what had happened, the man's younger brother went out to see the girls for himself, and fell in love with the younger sister. Thereafter the brothers refused to consider any other brides, so their father arranged for the sisters to come marry.

The citizens dubbed the sisters "Kallipugoi" "Women with Beautiful Buttocks"and with their new-found prosperity they dedicated a temple to Aphrodite, calling her Kallipygos.

The Christian writer Clement of Alexandria includes it in a list of erotic manifestations of pagan religion. Many viewers of the 17th and 18th centuries identified the statue's subject as the goddess, and supposed the work to montreal hookups a cult statue from the temple of Venus Kallipygos.

It was thus often described at the time as Venus exiting the bath. We ourselves knew a young German tourist smitten with a mad passion for this voluptuous marble; and the Ladies wants sex Feura Bush his state of mind inspired set aside all idea of ridicule.

It was sent to Versaillesthen to Marly-le-Roi inwhere it was provided with additional marble draperies by Jean Thierry, not to offend an increasingly Lez live chat se looking for friends public taste; it remained at Marly until the Revolution, when it found its way to the Jardin des Tuileries.

However it was destroyed in Desmas