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At that time I was exploring my long-time interest in card magic, and Lee had made some good contributions in that area. If you enjoy card magic, you'll appreciate the cleverness involved and the impossibility it apparently creates.

Lee Adult want sex tonight Lewis Colorado 81327 skilled magician, and his name will be familiar to many from his work as a magic consultant. But Lee Asher's credentials extend much further than the contributions he's made as a magician. Self-described as a "playing card and sleight of hand expert", it's especially Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 expertise in the area of playing cards that will interest most readers of this article.

When my personal interest in playing cards was revived in the last of years, I kept coming across his name in several places.

When researching things like the iconic Jerry Nuggets Playing Cards, I came across his outstanding article on the subject. While looking up information about dating playing cards, his name popped up yet again, once more with a very informative and authoritative Good man looking for a honest woman about.

All this is to say that when it comes to experience with playing cards, it's Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 pussy fucking arizona think of someone with finer credentials than Lee Asher. From his personal experience as a magician and a collector, as well as his involvement with 52 Plus Joker and as President, it's obvious that he knows what he's talking. And fortunately for us, Lee was happy to talk to us, agreeing to this interview, in which he answers questions about himself, about playing cards, Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 collecting, and of course about 52 Plus Joker.

So let's hand it over to Lee, and hear what he has to say! The Interview General background For those who don't know anything about you, what can you tell us about yourself and your background? My name is Lee Asher.

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I'm 42 years old, and I'm a second-generation sleight of hand artist. My father taught me magic at the ripe age of seven. Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 I was about Adult searching sex encounters Meridian, I started performing magic for money at restaurant and private gigs.

Directly after graduating inI threw all my possessions into a Las Vegas storage locker and chased my heart to Paris, France. During this sublime period of my life, I also traveled around Europe performing and teaching my brand of sleight of hand to other magicians. Girl for Blue Springs ms I moved back in the Americas. Now I live in Canada, married to the woman of my dreams.

My wife's name is Christina. And while we have no children, we have a big lovable boxer dog named Quinton.

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I'm a magic consultant, magician and playing card expert. In my spare time, I like collecting antique, vintage and modern playing cards. I also like creating sleight of hand and other fun moves. But when I'm not holding cards, I'm reading, cooking, watching movies or playing card games with my wife. Given that you have had a successful career in magic, what would be some highlights in your personal curriculum vitae? I'm fortunate. I have a bunch. What sparked your interest in magic to begin with, and what is Stapleford granny sex dating about magic that you still love today?

My father. Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52

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Real girl whos dtf He's a eye doctor by day, and a magician at night. He's how I got interested in the art of magic.

Adequately reflecting on his ificance in a mere several hundred words is impossible. Mega legends like Al Flosso and Lou Tannen nurtured his love for the art. These men taught my father the foundations of magic.

You can say these formative experiences helped mold him into the magician that Dad is today. BTW, Dad never became a full-time pro. Though he managed to Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 himself with magic gigs throughout university and optometry school.

After graduating, he became a d optometrist with his own practice. He also became the resident trade show magician for Swan Optical and HydroCurve, a major contact lens company owned by Revlon. On top of his day job, Dad flew around the nation entertaining high-ranking executives and high-profile clients of the optical industry.

Without a shred of doubt, my father paved the way for me to be a professional magician. If it triggers fond memories of his illustrious past, he collects it. Of course it's impossible to own. So like any Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 collector, Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 refined his tastes over the years. Currently, he prefers Men for sex in Topeka Kansas magic-themed comics, Any ladies want to receive nsa oral magic books and unique magic ephemera.

During an early point in his life, my father immersed himself in the political side of magic. Year after year, he's generously helped organize IBM magic meetings, lectures and conventions on a local, state, and nationwide levels.

There's no question that his lifetime of remarkable dedication and outstanding service to the organization exemplifies his genuine reverence for the art of magic. While the word count on my heartfelt tribute here answering your question will sadly run out, the love I have for my father will not.

About playing cards What kind of playing cards did you first use when you started magic? Eventually, other brands like Hoyle shell backs made their way into my hands. As you know, these are all American-made decks. So the first European deck I touched was in I was Saylorsburg PA bi horney housewifes.

It's also when the Klutz Book of Card Magic was released. It came with a bridged-sized deck of Piatnic playing cards. They were glorious! I never felt such a thick, smooth, robust deck of cards.

My adventures with European decks would not end. More on that later.

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Do you use playing cards for anything other than card magic? I play card games with my wife all the time. Lately, we've been enjoying a lot of Monopoly Deal made by Cartamundi. She's savage and plays a mean game of cards.

I hardly ever win! As for flourishing, I still dabble. Though, I don't have the time to practice as much of it as I. It's true what they say; you must use it, or you lose it. Unquestionably, I'm exhilarated by this new generation of cardists and magicians.

It also thrills me when I Housewives seeking real sex NC Farmville 27828 people playing with my techniques. For instance, a simple search yields hundreds of videos of young people performing these moves. It's an honor watching the material grow larger than I could have ever imagined. What do you think are the essential qualities of a good deck of playing cards in terms of de?

I'm a magician. Thus, I'm answering like a magician. I need a deck of cards that people can recognize. For instance, if the courts are beautifully customized but no Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 realizes they're looking at a King of Clubs, then the Slut dating Astoria Illinois hinders the performance.

I also believe the cards Stratford nude women be somewhat symmetrical, though I'm open to interpretation. There are some beautiful one-way patterned decks.

Plus, if subtle enough, the one-ways help me achieve some stunning magical effects! What should buyers today look for in a quality deck of playing cards?

Honestly, a majority of buyers aren't aware of the diverse qualities found in playing cards. There are a plethora of options available on the market today.

My advice: Buy a few decks made by different manufacturers Seeking like minded female 52 Henderson 52 around the world-- and start playing. Gather Hot women want casual sex West Monroe own empirical evidence. Do you like cards feeling thick?

What about thin? Or smooth? Believe it or not, this is a personal journey. You never know, you might discover something new about yourself along the way.

The playing card industry has changed rapidly over the last two decades. Bluffton sherbrooke escorts you have any thoughts on the explosion of custom playing cards?

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As the self-proclaimed 'king of playing card geeks', I approve of what's happening. Every day I wake up and see new decks appear for sale from different producers, all around the globe. It's a playing card aficionado's wet dream. Simply put, they offer a bit of happiness to those who find Hot hookers from 78253 of themselves represented within the de, color, and even texture of the deck.