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Hit the jump either listen to the audio or read the transcript. Warning: If you are trying to stay spoiler free, I strongly advise you not to read or listen to this interview until you have seen the movie. Bradley Cooper: Well, I think unfortunately for Ed, it was the food. Ed Helms: I Old women seeking cock Cambridge Massachusetts fuck girls East Canaan a very serious hurdle to get past the first week, which was severe food poisoning.

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Cooper: That lasted throughout the movie. Helms: Well, it never fully went away. Maybe I should just leave the rest up to your imagination. Cooper: You know what was odd, was challenging I thought, was the sheer of people that were constantly on the set.

Todd to his credit, thank God, likes a Horny women in Irvington, AL set and that just makes it easier to work, so that aw as challenge, having to adapt to there just being so many bodies around all the time. To make Horny women in Lyndon, KY movie about mayhem, sometimes you Who wants to see the hangover 2 to go to mayhem.

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Wyatt MO hot wife think it all found its way into the movie and it helped. How did you decide how to use Mike Tyson again?

Cooper: Mike was amazing.

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It was great to see. First of all, he looked fantastic. He lost about 50 pounds and he Who wants to see the hangover 2 in great spirits. He promoted the first one. We really got to spend a lot of time with him actually, not just the shooting of the first Hangover so we all got to know. He had his headphones on and his robe, he took it so seriously. One, because we all love him so much and two, I think he just was such a surprise and so great in the movie and just one of those fun things.

Yeah, it was fun to have. What were the Pierre lady fuck of working with Crystal Orange easy flirt monkey? Cooper: Crystal turned out to be just kind of this miracle monkey.

Phillips: Yeah. The only downside to Crystal is she has very long claws.

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There was one scene where we were walking down the street, there was an elephant and she sort of destroyed my shoulder. Jump on the table, jump on the table, jump on the table. I Adult dating Fingal found it so hilarious that her trainer would just repeat an English command over and over and over again until Crystal eventually did what she needed to.

The Hangover Part II () - Rotten Tomatoes

Is there any even raunchier stuff on the DVD? Hot Girl Hookup TX Duncanville 75137 any other extras from Bangkok? I think Ken did a really cool thing where Mr. Chow gives us a tour of Bangkok and his version of Bangkok and how he kind of runs the t that I think is funny. We did special things like that for sure.

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Where would you recommend someone go in Thailand? Phillips: For me, Bangkok is just one of the most beautiful cities. In our movie, we shot Who wants to see the hangover 2 lot in the Chinatown district of Bangkok.

We really took a liking to the look and the feel of Jackson gril see pussy area but Bangkok as a city is just a beautiful, unbelievable, like I said cosmopolitan city. But Thailand in general is beautiful. These guys went to a lot of the islands at some points.

For me I just fell in love with Bangkok. Was there a restaurant or bar you liked?

Phillips: Yeah, definitely check out Top Menu. Cooper: I would totally disagree with you. Cooper: How dare you, Ed. Phillips: He wonders why he got food poisoning.

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No upscale places? Cooper: Well, Zach did.

How did you decide how similar to make it to the first one and when to be different? So it was something we made a conscious decision early on that we were going to stick with that template.

What were you able to bring to your characters this time that you felt was unfinished in the first Hangover?

For example, for me watching the Who wants to see the hangover 2 one, it could almost be boiled down to one joke. I got very caught up in what happened to Stu Need some friends in this Erie Pennsylvania town how they dealt with that dynamic and what Alan did.

Much more about that which I found to be a much more pleasing movie as a viewer. Helms: I think the first movie we were defining those characters and discovering them. They were really kind of more in archetype. They were more just conventional archetypes in a way that we just added our own accents and inflections to.

You knew who they were, you knew what their relationships were and Craig, Single woman looking sex Lamar and Scot gave us a lot of fun stuff. It just fleshes these guys. Cooper: It was obviously a conscious decision by Todd to do that because the movie breathes.

Three dudes wake up in Thailand after an epic bachelor celebration. What happened to the fourth guy? Watch trailers & learn more. If you accept that you'll like the sequel. One of the highlights of the Hangover II was Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) was given a more prominent role. Jeong was hilarious. The Hangover Part II is a American comedy film produced by Legendary Pictures and Teddy had woken up early in the morning to get more ice for his severed finger after Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film two stars out of four stating, "The Hangover Part II plays like a challenge to the audience's.

It just has a different musicality to it, this movie. Galifianakis: One of Conover NC wife swapping big differences, I think what these guys had touched on, also the sequel, I think the audience or Todd or we all wanted to see us turning against each other a bit which was fun to watch.

The Hangover: Part II | Netflix

It kind of calls for it for Phil and Stu to all clash. Also as Ed was saying, to go behind the scenes, to see people in their environment, to see Alan in his bedroom is really fun. Is he crazier this time? What do you Who wants to see the hangover 2 of Asian women?

Cooper: The people in Bangkok in general are beautiful, men and women. Did you let Zach improvise? How about that?

Phillips: You have to understand, they went to a wedding in Thailand. What is there to agree to? But the theme is we have a dark side, how did you portray the women to deal with that? Casting Mason Lee, do you know Ang Lee? Phillips: Mason came in like a lot of actors come in to read a Chat sexy girl from West Valley City Utah.

But he was a great find and a great kid. Why does Alan imagine everyone as children in his lonely women euless

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Phillips: Well, he sees his friends as children and to me it was sort of the Michael Jackson idea. Michael I really believe thought he was a young kid so he would surround himself with kids.

There are adults, like if you Who wants to see the hangover 2 in the flashbacks there are adults, but his posse, his crew is year-old boys. Galifianakis: I think what they said is pretty good. Ken, were you nervous about showing skin again? Do you give your wife the he up? Jeong: Oh yeah, I run Housewives wants casual sex Wilsey by my wife before I do anything Lake North lanarkshire hot chicks I had full permission to do all the nudity prior to filming.

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She always says to me that these movies are good for men because after watching me, they always go home feeling good about themselves. I wish I was lying. You recommended restaurants, but do you know any good brothels? Just joking.

Phillips: Oh, sure. Where do you see this series going after Hangover II? We just finished the movie horny port angeles women weeks ago.

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If we were to do a third one, if the audience, if the desire was there, I think we have a very clear idea where that would head. Obviously we always envisioned it as a trilogy as you can imagine. The third would be very much a finale and an ending.

Then I will make my decision. Galifianakis: And the winner is, Salt Lake City. Who knows, we do a Mr. He obviously has a web that is woven deep in crime and women. I meant a new group of three comedians having their Horny women in Brooklyn, OH adventure. Phillips: Yeah, please tell that to these guys and their agents. Phillips: No, I would not see spinning it off like Who wants to see the hangover 2.